Thursday, June 30, 2011


A lot has happened since we last updated this!

Alexa played on the High School Varsity Girls Tennis Team as a 1st Doubles player. She made it to state with her partner and also lettered! She decided to run for Student Body Officer, but unfortunately she didn't make it. Then she decided to run for Senior Class. She is now Senior Class President for the class of 2012! Good job Lex! She also got a job this summer at the Timbermine Steak House as a salad maker and busser. She's staying very busy, but she is loving every minute of it.

Caden ran for Student Body Officer at the Junior High and made it! He is now Student Body President! Wow, two presidents in the household, it's going to be one crazy year! He is also playing on a tennis league with the High School Boys team! He's doing very well and enjoying it.

Both Caden and Alexa went to a tennis camp held by a professional, they dreaded it, but ended up learning a lot and having a good time.

Hunter went to PAL Camp in the CSI Department. He really enjoyed it and made a lot of new friends. He learned a lot and did a lot of way cool projects! He's starting 7th grade at the Jr. High this year... I don't know how I feel about this, but he's ready and excited. He's played a lot of basketball on a few leagues and he's been practicing tennis.

Ally is going to be starting 5th grade this year. She's getting so big! Earlier this year she was a part of a 4H club and absolutely loved it. She definitely has a soft spot for animals. She learned so much and wants to do it again. She's becoming a good little tennis player, and is always full of surprises. She definitely is one silly little girl. She has taught our dog, Chase, to play dead and she is extremely proud. At the moment she is raising two pigs, JoJo and Bubba Pig, to show in the County Fair that is coming up. Heaven help us. ;)

Our family is doing great, and we are loving life even though we are crazy busy.


Kiersten said...

Sounds like you guys are crazy busy with no sign of slowing down :)
Your kids are all so grown up!
Nice update

Marriott's said...

Fun. I was also senior class president. It is a hard job. Tell Alexa congratulations. Glad to see an update on your cute fam.

Tyson and Capri said...

wow i am so glad to see you might be back into the blogging world:)

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