Thursday, June 30, 2011


A lot has happened since we last updated this!

Alexa played on the High School Varsity Girls Tennis Team as a 1st Doubles player. She made it to state with her partner and also lettered! She decided to run for Student Body Officer, but unfortunately she didn't make it. Then she decided to run for Senior Class. She is now Senior Class President for the class of 2012! Good job Lex! She also got a job this summer at the Timbermine Steak House as a salad maker and busser. She's staying very busy, but she is loving every minute of it.

Caden ran for Student Body Officer at the Junior High and made it! He is now Student Body President! Wow, two presidents in the household, it's going to be one crazy year! He is also playing on a tennis league with the High School Boys team! He's doing very well and enjoying it.

Both Caden and Alexa went to a tennis camp held by a professional, they dreaded it, but ended up learning a lot and having a good time.

Hunter went to PAL Camp in the CSI Department. He really enjoyed it and made a lot of new friends. He learned a lot and did a lot of way cool projects! He's starting 7th grade at the Jr. High this year... I don't know how I feel about this, but he's ready and excited. He's played a lot of basketball on a few leagues and he's been practicing tennis.

Ally is going to be starting 5th grade this year. She's getting so big! Earlier this year she was a part of a 4H club and absolutely loved it. She definitely has a soft spot for animals. She learned so much and wants to do it again. She's becoming a good little tennis player, and is always full of surprises. She definitely is one silly little girl. She has taught our dog, Chase, to play dead and she is extremely proud. At the moment she is raising two pigs, JoJo and Bubba Pig, to show in the County Fair that is coming up. Heaven help us. ;)

Our family is doing great, and we are loving life even though we are crazy busy.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A personal Thanksgiving list

And a little child shall lead them....
Well, she isn't quite a child any longer, however, one of my nieces has taught by example. I've personally struggled this summer and sadly it has followed me into the fall and the holiday season. I mentioned I was lacking any Holiday Cheer and she suggested taking a look at her blog. She had just updated it. So, thank-you Heidi, your heart spoke to mine and I owe you big time!
Here is my Personal Thanksgiving List; I am thankful for..........
*the opportunity to 'discuss' grades & homework with my teenagers because it means they have the ability to attend school and develop and learn.
*the fact that I worry about how we will pay our bills because that means that we have money to juggle around to pay that bills.
*the fact that some days I leave the house early in the morning and return home late in the evening because it means I have a job that supplies an income to help meet our needs.
*the fact that I worry about making the house payment because that means we have a roof over our heads, a warm, safe shelter to call home.
*the fact that there is always laundry to be done because that means that we all have clothing to keep us warm and dry.
*the fact that I have aging parents that I worry about and feel neglectful of because that means that I still have my parents in my life and in the lives of my children. That means that I still have the anchors of my youth to turn to for solace and comfort in times of need and in times of joy. That means that my children still get to have that many more special memories to make their Grandparents.
*the fact that I constantly worry about my marriage and wonder how to make it better and long-lasting because that means that I still have my Eternal companion of almost 20 years. It also means that I want nothing more then to spend the next forever happily with him.
*the fact that I miss not seeing my brothers & sisters very often because that means that all of my siblings are still living and are all an important part of my life even though we are rarely together in one place at the same time.
*the fact that my heart breaks for my neices and nephews as they go through their own heartaches and trials because it means that I have a huge amount of neices and nephews that I love immensely and would gladly take their hurt away for them. It also means that I have a close relationship with so many of them that means the world to me.
*the fact that I rarely see my husband because it means that he has 2 jobs, plus refs basketball games all so that we might be able to make ends meet.
*the fact that I worry about Christmas on very, very limited funds because it means that we do have some funds to work with for Christmas. Not everyone does.
*the fact that I worry so much about each one of my children and how they have been affected by things in the past year because that means that I have been blessed with four of the most beautiful, healthy, loving, precious gifts I could ever be given in this lifetime. I am still so overwhelmed by His faith in me by entrusting me with them.
Again, I say thank-you to one of my neices. I will forever see her as a little girl, although she is now a married woman dealing with very grown-up issues of her own. I truly have so much to be thankful for, especially this year.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carnival Fundraiser

If you're looking for something fun for the family, here is a great idea for you!!! This is being done by the preschool where Lacie worked as the Director. What an amazing thing they are doing for Lacie & Jake! These two sweet babies have already captured the hearts of so many people. It is so comforting to see such generosity from a community It's a good reminder that there is still good in the world and that not everything & everyone is bad
& out for only their own benefit!
Thanks Little Wonders LearningCenter!!!

Two More Special Additions!

On Sept 15th we had the very unsettling news that Sofia Adell & Lukas Jacob had arrived 14 weeks early. They are the babies of Lacie & Jake. They were born in Logan and life flighted to McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden. I had the privilege of getting to go McKay that day to be with them and send pictures to their Mommy & Daddy so they could see that they had arrived safe and sound. These two are amazing little fighters! They continue to defy the odds and they remind daily that miracles due happen. I have loved getting to know their little personalities and I enjoyed being able to spend time with them!Even if it was changing a diaper! Wow, how I wish I could get in there and change another! Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the H1N1 Virus the NICU has shut down to only allowing Moms & Dads. Thanks Lacie & Jake for allowing me to be on the babies' card. I wish I could have spent time everyday with them. Watching them develop and change is something I will cherish! Lacie & Jake are absolutely amazing parents and people in general. They are showing amazing strength and courage.
They are keeping a blog for the babies that keeps everyone updated. If you want to take a look, just click on the link below.

Lots of Beautiful Babies!!!

On Aug 31st our extended family grew by one when little Daxon Will was born. He is the gorgeous son of Capri & Tyson, also little brother of Kaldyr. As you can see, he is darling! I was able to hold him when he was just a day old and he loved, loved to be snuggled tight! He is a bit older now then in this picture, but I love this picture so I borrowed it from Capri's blog. Thanks Capri!
Then I'll jump ahead to Oct 11th. This adorable little one is Zachary Beau. Isn't he darling!!?? Don't you just love newborns with lots of blond hair? Not very common, but he takes after his Aunt Taylor! Zachary is the son of Hudson & Vanessa. He is (in my opinion) the spittin' image of his Daddy! Sorry Vanessa, I haven't seen any baby pictures of you yet. I can't wait to get my hands on him! It's not like he lives out of state, but the farthest north point of Cache Valley is a ways!
I do LOVE these babies!!! I have always loved being an Aunt. Now these babies add to my love of being a Great-Aunt!!! It sounds so cliche', I know, but it's amazing to see the 'kids' that you always picture as 'little' having their own babies. It's even more amazing being able to see the resemblance in these new sweet faces. Congratulations to all of you!!!